In order to extend Menarid project to other cities of Yazd province and evaluation of executive actions of Hableh Roud project, governors of Mehriz, Eshkezar, Taft, Abarkouh and governor deputies of Meybod and Yazd and general manager of rural affairs of Yazd visited Hableh Roud actions.
In the first day of the visit, the group was welcomed by Damavand governor and planning & administrative deputy, head of watershed management & natural resources office and members of Islamic council of Aro village and visited the different projects including Sarand & Algan pools. Mr.Bahrami representative of local communities presented some explanations on collaborative projects of Aro village and the way of collaboration, then Sarand farmers referring to the important impact of the Sarand pool in irrigation under pressure and saving water and time of irrigation and increase the annual income and proper use of the area under cultivation, appreciated the authorities of Hableh Roud and watershed management & natural resources office. Then they visited Aghozdar pool that has 20 (families) beneficiaries and supply the agriculture water of more than 15 acres land. Then the group left Aro toward Lazour in Firouzkouh.

In Lazour village, while they were visiting the workshop of herbal extracts of Mr. Zakaria Shojaa managing director of Rizbarg Alborz cooperative explained on Hableh Roud activity in Lazour village focusing on people collaboration in decision making, planning, implementing and Mrs.Shokat Esfandiar representative of women NGO explained on establishment of the cooperative and the way of women entry to collaborative issues, then the local people discussed with her in Taroud mosque.
In the second day of visit, the meeting of evaluation and monitoring committee of natural resources was held in governorship of Semnan with the presence of political, security and social deputy of Semnan governorship and governors of Yazd, Sorkheh, political & social and security general director of Semnan and general director of natural resources and watershed management of Semnan ,….In this meeting Mr.Mohammad Reza Mirzaei security & political deputy of Semnan governorship while expressing his satisfaction from implementing sustainable management  of  the soil & water natural resources of Hableh Roud project, said by government efforts ,proper actions along with Hableh Roud project including people collaboration were done. In this meeting while appreciating the governors, authorities & experts of Yazd  province, he added that we hope to see the development & growth in Semnan & Yazd using the experiences and exchanging the information & achievements of Hableh Roud & Menarid.He said: the important projects that are implemented by collaboration of the people and the organizations in the province will be continued and emphasized on the effort and serious consideration of the authorities and solving the problems of the project.
He expressed hope that in order to realize the slogan of the year, empathy and compassion, aiming at creating the national consensus in the province and the contribution of the people & government in this respect, we may see more development and growth in the province and for this purpose some plans should be operated.
General director of Semnan natural resources & watershed management office presented a report of implemented actions of Hableh Roud project throughout the province .Mr.Jazi ,executive director of national project of  Hableh Roud  & Menarid said: as one of the goals of Hableh Roud project is expanding the collaborative method and its experiences at national level, the directors & experts of Menarid project that is implemented in Yazd, discussed and  exchanged their experiences and information in Semnan.
At the end of the meeting, evaluation and monitoring committee of natural resources visited the selected water village of Sorkheh with the presence of Yazd authorities and governors of 10 cities. Mr.Saadi representative of Asadabad farmers while reporting the execution processes with collaboration of the people, mentioned the advantages of project execution in improving the irrigation of the farms and reduction of the time of water transfer from storage pool to far farms, reducing the water waste in direction of water movement and not requiring the dredging of water transfer direction and high quality of the water. Mr Saadi while expressing his satisfaction, said : the water transfer time in some directions has been reduced to one hour and after thanking the authorities , announced his readiness to cooperate with  Hableh Roud in execution of the next phases of the water village.

The visitors became acquainted with establishment of Farvaan women NGO and their activities and Mr.Afshar Naderi governor of Aradan , while referring to the point that the lower part of Hableh Roud is located in dry desert belt , stated that in Aradan, establishment of water conservation council and installation of smart meters on wells’ output  , the rate of using the underground water is controlled, He said the cultivation type should be changed  from cotton & melon to pistachios and mechanizing the irrigation as other actions in conserving the soil and water resources . In order to conclude the two days visit, a meeting was held in Hableh Roud headquarters in Garmsaar.