The second meeting of common water workshop was held on 22/04/2015 in headquarter of the project (Garmsaar) with the presence of experts of Jihad-e-agriculture and Hableh Roud sustainable management of land & water resources. In order to realize  the tasks related to the act, equitable distribution of water (5th development plan act) and optimum water use bylaws and management of water resources for selecting a common executive system, the workshop was formed aiming: online monitoring of water resources (surface & underground) managing the water consumption by: increasing the efficiency, improving the planting method, solid delivery of water, the license of optimum consumption of agriculture water, preventing the illegal exploitation , organizing the systems of exploitation by forming  water user  groups. 
In this meeting, a system in the area of 1675 acres in Garmsaar and another in 142 acres in Aradan were selected so that the goals of the project can be realized.