In line with the improvement of agricultural crop pattern at the northern lands of Hablehroud Basin (Firouzkuh County Watershed Basin), the cultivation of Damask Rose at Tarud Village was conducted with the participation of local communities. Also, the cultivation of Damask Rose at Aminabad Village, located in Firouzkuh County, was performed in a piece of land with the area of 1.5 hectares. This project included the site selection, land preparation, planting of the seedlings, water transfer, water storage, installation of the water network for drip irrigation, and its maintenance.
For the optimized use of land and water resources, and the prevention of soil erosion, the planting of seedlings was conducted with the preservation of the land conditions without land clearing and terracing. The required water was transferred by the repair of springs and their piping through a distance of 4 kilometers. Meanwhile, two water tanks (with the capacity of 24000 liters per tank) were used to store water at the site. Also, the drip irrigation activities consisted of purchasing the farm land and the installation of piping network.
Most of the project expenses (80%) was paid by the users. It is important to point out that only one year after the commencement of the project, about 80 kilograms of Damask Rose was harvested.