The 11th steering committee meeting was held on 7th of February, and chaired by Deputy of Watershed Management, Rangeland & Desert Affairs and Deputy of National Director of Hablehroud Project, Mr. Garshasbi, with the presence of other committee members from United Nations Development Program, Foreign Affairs Minister, Jihad Agriculture Minister, Management and Planning Organization, District Administration, Jihad Agriculture Organization, Natural Resource and Watershed Office of Tehran and Semnan, and Tehran Regional Water Company.
National Project Manager of Hablehroud and MENARID, Dr. Jazi, presented the progress of the project in 2015, considering two outputs of the project – developing a model for integrated watershed management in order to reach sustainable development – participatory processes for natural resource and land degradation control improvement. He continued by articulating the work plan of Hablehroud (SMLWR) for 2016 and provided suggestions for administrative process development of Hablehroud (SMLWR).
General Manager of Semnan Natural Resource and Watershed, Mr. Heydarian, and Hablehroud Expert in Tehran province, Mr. Kooshki, explained proceedings of Hablehroud (SMLWR) in 2015 and the plans for these two provinces, in the year ahead.

Director of Management and Planning Organization in Tehran province, Mr. Tavakoli, mentioning the main goal of the project regarding the development of a model for planning, management, implementation, operation, monitoring and evaluation of land and water in the Hablehroud watershed declared that if the outcome and model of Hablehroud (SMLWR) is appropriate, the only release from the land and water problems is this project.
Deputy of UN Resident Representative in Iran, Mr. Moraly, congratulated the selection of Hablehroud (SMLWR) as the national mega project for integrated watershed management and considered it as one of the greatest results of international projects. He believed that the conversion of provincial approach to watershed approach based on watershed management is one of the significant outputs of the Hablehroud project. He said that the presence of the steering committee members as an emphasis on the watershed management.
Based on steering committee comments, it was decided to allocate the appropriate budget for supporting the network of Hablehroud watershed organizations. Also make the Hablehroud model prepared through Agriculture Sciences and Natural Resource department of Gorgan University with the support of related institutions in the year ahead. Moreover, establish a water co-committee for Tehran and Semnan provinces in terms of setting the joint programs of Hablehroud watershed management.