In a meeting that was held on 28/07/2014 with Firouzkouh governor and deputies of planning, Dr.Farzin, director of development & universal program of UN emphasized on more coordination and intersection solidarity, planning and better and stronger management and assistance of UN. Then they went to Lazour village for evaluation of the Hableh Roud progress and visited the Siahroud dam and keshkarz nursery and the workshop of Rizbarg Alborz cooperative (medicinal plants) and met the local people while expressing their satisfaction of the first phase and emphasized on completing the second phase of the project.
Then they visited Taroud village, pilot of the range management in the second phase and talked to representatives of local communities and evaluated their comments, and expressed the implementation of range management as a useful action for Taroud village and emphasized on its continuation and establishment of a fund in the form of a cooperative. He also introduced Taroud as the pilot of small-credits with collaboration of agriculture bank.