Observing the impacts of Hablehroud project in the pilot villages, people of Sanarad, in Garmsar County, asked for an induction about the goals and objectives of the project. The goals, objectives and role of rural communities in achieving the goals were explained in a meeting with the presence of project experts of the Province and county. After hearing the primary information announced their will to participate in the project.
Sanarad is one of the villages of southern Garmsar plain which was abandoned in 1982. However, 2 years ago villagers came back to their village, renewed their houses and the alleys, and life flowed in the village. Sanarad is located on the edge of the desert. Its geographical location makes it very much suitable for star observation.
Some of the participants, as the representative of the rural communities, visited water village project of Asad-Abad in Sorkheh County and held a meeting with the representatives of the village organization.