National festival & exhibition of environment, land & water  technologies  was held from 13/06/2015 to 16/06/2016  in Imam Khomeini musalla by headquarter of development of  water technology & sciences, drought, erosion and environment, vice- president in department of science &  technology and with cooperation and support of ministry of technology , science and research, Jihad-e-agriculture ministry, ministry of energy, ministry of road and urban development, DOE, Tehran municipality and related scientific associations with following objectives: 
Presenting the achievements of commercialization of technology and innovation
Providing the proper condition of acquaintance and agreement between technology suppliers, institutions using technology, investors and other beneficiaries 
Facilitating  the commercialization of scientific & technological achievements and knowledge based products
Creating a platform of offering the new ideas to promote the public knowledge on water, drought, erosion and environment
Providing the proper situations for development of scientific & technology collaboration between scientific, industrial and technological centers
 Honoring the activities of innovators through identifying and introducing the premier technological achievements 

Visit of vice-president in science and technology from Hableh Roud & Menarid stall

The main addressed of festival and national exhibition of water technologies, drought and environment were knowledge based companies, elites, inventors, researchers, owners of industries, entrepreneurs and active persons interested in investment in this field and others were the people.
One of the sub-programs of mentioned festival was holding the following meetings: 
1- Conference seminar on dusts
2- Conference seminar of water crisis and its solutions
3- Conference seminar of basin comprehensive management
The projects jointed with UNDP including Hableh Roud and Menarid projects participated in the conference for the purpose of informing & sharing their experiences to other experts and those interested in natural resources & environment in national major projects by presenting the documentaries including books, brochure, poster and panel. 
The stall of both projects was visited by vice- president in science & technology , ministry of energy, head of forests, range and watershed management  organization , deputy of energy minister , deputy of resident representative of UN in Iran, regional representative of UNESCO , general manager of Khuzestan  water and power association, the professors from universities ,students,……………. A professional workshop as integrated management of watershed basin presenting the major plan of management and experiences of Menarid and Hableh Roud projects was also held by Gorgan University with the presence of the experts.

Visit of Minister of energy from stall of Hableh  Roud & Menarid projects

Hableh Roud project was considered by umpire committee of the festival and selected as premier project in national major projects and received the statutes of the festival due to the basic resources management with cooperation of the people in Hableh  Roud watershed basin , the integrated and comprehensive consideration and organizational solidarity . 

Visit of deputy minister and head of the organization from stall of Habkleh Roud & Menarid projects